Our story

Wesse watches our story

Every occasion calls for a style

We are a company obsessed in finding the right design for your right moment using finest materials and craft them into functional timepieces . Our story is about people who care about each detail of their look and how to best achieve it. At the heart of our brand is the principle that you don’t have to own only a watch that has to fit all your clothing. People frequently make the mistake to try to find only a watch that has to match as many clothing combinations as possible. A timepiece cannot be classic, casual and sporty in the same time. And doesn’t need to be.

In a digital century when „telling the time” tends to lose it’s purpose, we reinvent the idea of the watch by matching the moment you are living with the right partner that can track it and save it into eternity. Because every occasion calls for a style. The one that you choose it.

A sporty big case with a silicon strap for an adventurous weekend trip, but definetly a crocodile leather strap for a classic gentleman on his first date. A casual design for a hangout with your friends and clearly a Dual Time watch for the long travellers.

A subtle stainless steel pearl dial in a small case watch would certainly go for a business meeting, while the same lady would match her jeans with a boyfirend watch for the girls night out.

There are „hidden rules” for every occasion, thus one is never enough.

Some call them „watches” … we call them timepieces of style.

We make you a promise: For every occasion there is at least one WESSE.

About WESSE craftsmanship

Every WESSE watch is produced with attention and care, with a strong focus on material quality and style. Each timepiece is built in full stainless steel case featuring a cristal mineral glass with high protection against scratches. Inside „beats” a precise Japanese movement technology ready to indicate the exact moment that you want to keep forever in your memory. Our watchmakers are specialized in over the top quality control so you can be sure that the product you received is a quality timepiece that you can be proud to wear.